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Tank Design

Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital
"Why We're Here," :60 Radio
Vital & Ryze Advertising, Inc.
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Real, intelligent, trusting and versatile. Andrew is a boston-based voiceover artist and has a talented voice for interactive educational products, podcasts, commercials, marketing videos, medical training tools, IVR, on-hold messaging, children's audio books, documentaries and more. His warm and engaging style will quickly connect people to what you have to say.

Emmy Award-winning creative.

Andrew also has extensive experience in creating a wide range of media productions. A results-oriented writer and producer, his work has earned him five Emmy Awards and numerous other industry honors. Explore how you can take full advantage of Andrew's expertise.

Recent voice over clients include:

Fidelity, AT&T CallVantage Softphone Service, Jack Morton Worldwide, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Harvard Business School, United Way, New Tang Dynasty Television, Straumann International and Comcast Spotlight.